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Warhammer Fantasy Gentleman’s League 2014

For many years I have tried in vain and in annoyance to try and build a Warhammer Fantasy army, its not that I don’t like the game it just that I have trouble sticking to the builds as none of … Continue reading

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6s2hit Podcast Episode 19

This weeks show has Simon and myself joined by Joe aka Kissthehurricane talking about campaign systems and alternative models. Once again if you have a topic you would like us to discuss drop me a comment here or on the … Continue reading

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Kickstarter…..Human or Cylon?

This last year has seen the explosion onto the gaming scene of Kickstarter, for anyone who doesn’t know its way to raise capitol to fund your project outside of the traditional sources.  The site has been home to some hugely … Continue reading

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Tale of Gamers

The [elg] tale of gamers is due to kick off within the next few weeks and I have made little progress on my Dwarf army: This is pretty much all I have done for the last few weeks on them … Continue reading

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[elg] Tale of Gamers ….. again

have assembled my full 750 point force for the start of the event in January and I intend to get them painted up over the next few weeks.  The list i am thinking of running with at the moment looks … Continue reading

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[elg] Tale of Gamers

First of all I have to say that although I have bought each rulebook for Warhammer Fantasy I haven’t actually played a game since the original boxed set with the High Elves and Goblins in the box. I have tried … Continue reading

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