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The voices they talk to me…

Well its been a busy few weeks what with work and other things and apart from selling off my Khador force to a mate all I have really done hobby wise was to record a podcast with Simon from 6s2hit … Continue reading

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Like a Rolling Troll

Its been a few month since I purchased my trolls battle box and in that time I think I have played maybe 25 games ranging in points from just the battle box to full 35 point games.  I think that … Continue reading

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Iron Caster….. slowly slowly catchy monkey

So week 5 is upon us at the Iron caster event and currently im sitting on 5 games and no winds so I feel its time to change things a little bit. My opponent was playing circle and I saw … Continue reading

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Iron Caster, The story so far

So Iron caster has been running for two weeks at present and well the results are interesting.  Game One: first match up was against pBaldur with a Woldwyrd, Woldwarden, Shifting stones and maybe a Woldwatcher but I honestly cant remember.  … Continue reading

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Warmachine Threesome

So I played my first game of Warmachine in about 4 months last night at [elg] and it turned into a three way fight between Khador, Khador and Skorne.  Now I have played the Khador player before on numerous occasions … Continue reading

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