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Warhammer Fantasy Gentleman’s League 2014

For many years I have tried in vain and in annoyance to try and build a Warhammer Fantasy army, its not that I don’t like the game it just that I have trouble sticking to the builds as none of … Continue reading

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Tools of the Trade

Just recorded another section for 6s2hit podcast talking about gaming aids and what we use.  So I thought I would knock out a short blog post about the things I use and why. First off we have the Edinburgh League … Continue reading

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Kickstarter…..Human or Cylon?

This last year has seen the explosion onto the gaming scene of Kickstarter, for anyone who doesn’t know its way to raise capitol to fund your project outside of the traditional sources.  The site has been home to some hugely … Continue reading

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Bursting the seal

I wandered into the Games Hub after an interesting trip to the gym, and it turns out my ltd edition copy of Dark Vengeance had arrived in the 6s2hit store, after I dragged Mr Fig away from his intro game … Continue reading

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Martok’s Iron Warriors

Since I was a the Edinburgh Games Hub and some of [Elg]’s terrain was there I figured I would get some more pictures of my Iron Warriors sorted out. Warsmith General Martok: Magos Korak & Assistants Brother Veldor The “Masterkey” … Continue reading

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Kill Team Baby

I was over at the new 6s2hit shop inside the Edinburgh Games Hub playing some Kill Team with Mr Kingfig from the 6s2hit pod cast and forums.  This was our attempt at trying to learn the new 6th ed rules … Continue reading

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Martok’s 35th Company

General Matok gripped the edge of the holographic display in the centre of a shadow darkened command chamber. Martok was bathed in a pale green glow of the image of an outpost displayed above the console. The general studied the … Continue reading

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