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Kickstarter…..Human or Cylon?

This last year has seen the explosion onto the gaming scene of Kickstarter, for anyone who doesn’t know its way to raise capitol to fund your project outside of the traditional sources.  The site has been home to some hugely … Continue reading

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The voices they talk to me…

Well its been a busy few weeks what with work and other things and apart from selling off my Khador force to a mate all I have really done hobby wise was to record a podcast with Simon from 6s2hit … Continue reading

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Rense System Navy… Fresh from the shipyards.

Here we have the latest additions to my Rense Systems Navy fleet for Firestorm Armada, the fleet is growing and should be at 1000 point level in the next week or so with the addition of my second carrier and … Continue reading

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The Rense System Navy

For some time now I have been slowly working on my new Firestrom Armada fleet the Rense System Navy and I thought it was about time I posted some pictures of them.  Its taken a while to post them as … Continue reading

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Like a rolling stone

Last night was the final week of the [Elg] journeyman’s league and I have to say I had a good time despite my results being 1 win against 8 losses, oh dear oh dear oh dear.  I did however manage … Continue reading

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