Level 7 [Omega Protocol]



Level 7 Omega Protocol Box_3DLevel 7 [Omega Protocol] picks up after the events of Level 7 [Escape] where the captive of Subterra Bravo managed to escape the underground holding facility past the various captives and the defenses of the base. [Omega Protocol] continues the story and the base has been overrun by the monstrous creations of the base. The government knows that if the truth of the base were to leak to the people it would be catastrophic. The shadowy agency in charge has dispatched special forces kill teams to retake the base and defeat the alien threat and keep the secret.

gameplayNow I love aliens, games, stories and the weird feeling that each night they might be outside the window…. Or maybe that’s just me. Years ago I played a lot of XCOM and even the recent release of that and XCOM Declassified my interest in the whole government alien conspiracy started again. The best description I can think of for Omega Protocol is that of a turn based shooter if we were talking about video games, at a squad based level. The game is designed for between 2 and 6 players and comes with 37 stunning Plastic Figures, which the war gamer inside me is demanding I paint.


The game itself is based upon a grid layout playing surface which adds to the feeling that you are stalking down the dark corridors in the facility stalking your alien prey. You have the ability to equip your troopers with various types of equipment and special kit to aid them in the fight. The modular style of the game tiles means a huge amount of flexibility in terms of the layout if the playing surface. Players can choose from five different classes of troopers including rifleman, recon and heavy assault, the team is made up of a combination of these troopers working together to complete there mission.   Speaking of missions the book itself is twenty seven pages long and packed full of missions and background for the set up of the game.


While the other players are playing as the Special Forces one of the group is playing as the evil alien overlord, this overlord player controls the whole facility and all that is going on inside. While the Special Forces troopers are heavily armed professionals armed to the teeth with the latest weapons they are heavily outnumbered and fighting in a world out with there control. The squad has to work its way down tight corridors where the enemy can be hiding round every corner and in all the air vents. The alien threat is all around the team and the random events can destroy the best made plans.  How long will you survive in the alien controlled facility?



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