The Beards ‘n’ Buckshot Brigade Part 3

As promised part 3 of the creation of my US Marine Corp force for Bolt Action , the force is now sitting at a healthy 1000 points and strangely enough for me its finished. The squad that I posted last time was sitting painted for a few weeks and then I realised that the D.W.A.R.F tournament was in 7 days so I had to get the finger out and get painting. Well I managed it in only 4 days with time off to sleep and work, I am very proud of myself since as you may have noticed a lot of things get finished. So here we have the Force as it stands now, all that is left to paint is a mortar team and the flamethrower. Oh and a couple of tanks that I may have bought……

marine complete16721_628332310599116_3540231255958034294_n 10369106_628332467265767_2431906125327667635_n 10401993_628332217265792_3021700903436184426_n 10473452_628332443932436_8336401459023623600_n 10614159_628332407265773_345469548143191843_n 10624971_628332030599144_6739950245540895238_n 10660150_628331990599148_6997267641674877839_n 10665758_628332330599114_8203081428116615127_n 10686694_628331970599150_1808737898254325558_n Advance Sniper 1Time for the an honourable mention and this goes out to ‘Sky Wizard’ my Vought F4U Corsair that represents my air strike, a the tournament he bombed my own troops four times out of six, well done sir well done .



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