Home Guard Radio – Episode 4 Who’s that girl?

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Home Guard Radio Episode 4 – Who’s that girl?


Show Notes:


Please excuse the sound blip 14 minutes in


Intellegince Crop:


Craig – Update on the Beards and Buckshot brigade and his games played

Steven – Dicusses his practice games with his 750 list in prep for the Big Red [Elg]

AndyM – Talks about Flame Throwers and ambush and some chat regarding flamethrowers and the dump of tactic in the Top Secret mission.

Aly – Talks about the recent Big Red [Elg] and spends some time proving he is not that guy with the flame tank.

AndyW – MIA


Logistics Corp:


Craig – Talks about the fact that he has finally got some marines to paint

Ali – Shock update to ‘that guys’ painting effort.

Steven – Manly Tea Trays all round

AndyM – Completion of the Afrika Korp and other armies.

AndyW – MIA



Topic of the month:


Discussion from the guys about the recent Big Red Elg tournament, we hear from the organisers and the players.



Email: Homeguardradio@gmail.com


Thanks to:





http://www.twistedtoys.net/ – Craig’s Blog

www.3coloursbased.wordpress.com/ – Andy M’s Blog

www.facebook.com/pages/Brush-Work-Miniatures/244486372312628 – Ali’s Page

www.terrain4cake.com/ – Nicks Blog (Terrain Genius)

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