Home Guard Radio Episode One – “Its ok ive got a Tiger”

Home Guard LogoWelcome to the first episode of Home Guard Radio, join our hosts as they gather round the microphone in the 6s2hit.com bunker and discuss Warlord Games Bolt Action. Join the four Scottish gentlemen and Craig (apparently I am not a gentleman) as they talk about what they have been playing and building and the topic of the month.

Hosts: Craig (Ghostmaker) AndyM, AndyW, Ali and Steven

Part 1: Intelligence Corp – What we have been playing and Rules chat.
Part 2: Logistics Corp – Hobby News
Part 3: Subject of the Month – The road to Bolt Action, dipping a hairy toe into historical gaming.

Episode One: http://www.6s2hit-thepodcast.com/2014/0 … got-tiger/ and coming withing 24 hours to iTunes

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HomeGuardRadio

Forums: http://www.6s2hit.com

Email Homeguardradio@gmail.com

Thanks go out to Dr Tom for the intro voice and Karis (Damned Angel) for the ladies touch.

Ghostmaker :)


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4 Responses to Home Guard Radio Episode One – “Its ok ive got a Tiger”

  1. Peter says:

    Reblogged this on D6 Painting & Gaming and commented:
    This sounds interesting, gonna have a listen.

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