Warhammer Fantasy Gentleman’s League 2014

For many years I have tried in vain and in annoyance to try and build a Warhammer Fantasy army, its not that I don’t like the game it just that I have trouble sticking to the builds as none of the armies really stood out to me.  Until now that is, Games Hub Edinburgh and 6s2hit are starting a gentleman’s league in January 2014.  The intention is that every two months we will paint 250 points of models to add to our armies with the end goal of 2000 points January 2015, the break down is as follows.

End of March: 750pts
End of May: 1000pts
End of July: 1250pts
End of September: 1500pts
End of November: 1750pts
End of January 2015: 2000pts and a mega battle for February!

Points will be awarded as follows (per stage):
up to 3 points for games played (1 point per game)
1 point for having painted your models
3 points for the best general’s background at the end of the year!
(Any tiebreaker settled on the table!)

So I decided that now was the time for another attempt at a Fantasy army, and I had the best excuse when 6s2hit reduced the price of there Mantic and Gw Fantasy stock.  I love the Mantic undead they are some of the nicest models that company has ever made and I would go as far as to say that in my opinion they are the nicest undead models out there.

P1020231I managed to knock out this zombie unit in about 30 minutes thanks to my now legendary ability to dry brush (listen to a 6s2hit Podcast to find out more) and the glory that is Gw washes.  More will follow as I get my finger out and get the rest based and under coated, only about another 100 zombies to go and my Vampire whom I need to name..

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