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Warhammer Fantasy Gentleman’s League 2014

For many years I have tried in vain and in annoyance to try and build a Warhammer Fantasy army, its not that I don’t like the game it just that I have trouble sticking to the builds as none of … Continue reading

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Bolt Action Terrain Part 7

Since I was off work again today I started work on the final building for the Bocage set I am working on, when I say final its more that it’s the last one that I have so far……. Slightly different … Continue reading

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Bolt Action Terrain 6

I have been slowly working on the terrain  for Bolt Action for a demo table and for a display board for Claymore 2014.  6s2hit had two of Warlords Ruined Farmhouse kits sitting on the shelf and I decided whilst at … Continue reading

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