Dead Mans Hand

I saw this game at Claymore 2013 and after some discussion with Delboy from 6s2hit we thought we would give it a go.  He picked up the rules and the cowboys gang and we had a few demos and it was a lot of fun.  Not a large scale game but a terrific skirmish game.

800pxDMH_Cover_WIP_hand_goneNow I have always loved the movie Tombstone and the stories about Wyatt Earp and also the tales of the Pinkertons so I decided to get myself the Lawman gang and paint them as Pinkerton men.

photo13I picked up the Gang, Rule book, Tokens and Game cards for £60 from Great Escape Games, Not to bad I thought for everything I needed for a game.  We also decided to start building a town to play the game in, I began to build an office for the Pinkertons to operate out of.

photo1 photo2As Always more to follow.

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