Bolt Action

I spent yesterday finishing up some more of the Bolt Action terrain and a couple of armoured units to add to the growing Panzer Lehr group I am building.   The armoured section of the force now contains the following, Tiger 1, Panzer 2 Luchs, Wespe self propelled gun, Hetzer, 2 Hanomags and a 221 armoured car.

P1020161The terrain is coming along nicely as well, the trench line is now finished.

P1020163The bunker which was nicknamed as ‘the wedding cake’ by various folks around here is now almost complete, all it needs is the static grass added to the base.

P1020160 P1020158The roads I have been working on are complete but I do need to make many more to go on the board, im planning to sort out some bocage hedgerows to go along the side.  While watching Stalingrad I got the idea of building a few telegraph poles to place along the sides of the roads.

P1020164 P1020165 P1020166

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