Where has the time gone?

First I must apologise for not having written anything in the last couple of months, its not hat I haven’t done anything but more that I have one of those ‘real’ job things now.  So what have I been up to well im now running Edinburgh league of Gamers [elg] after the recent agm at the club, pretty sure I was trying to leave the committee.  I have also been recording a lot of podcasts with Simon for 6s2hit.com, basically I rip into Simon for being a mac using latte drinker.

bannerIn terms of gaming well I picked up some models for Dead Mans Hand recently and built some terrain to go with that but that’s a post for later.  My German Bolt Action force is progressing nicely with the addition of 3 Hanomags, 1 Jagdpanther, an 88mm gun and  a lot of infantry, pics to follow

Im planning to start posting again more regularly once work calms down a little and I get more time for the hobby.

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