Bolt Action Terrain part 4

Well since I was in the house all day as I had been assigned chores by she who must be obeyed and thought for once I should probably attempt to carry them out, I decided to finish of the field section.   I gave the whole thing apart from the coir mat a basecoat in dark brown and then worked up with lighter highlights or at least that was the plan until I spilt paint on the mat which then meant i had to do about 25 layers of drybursh on the mat to get it to the right colour.  The wooden fences were painted and the washed with some brown wash.  All that is required is for the flock to be applied to the  surrounds and it will be ready to game on.

IMAG0421 IMAG0422

My intention was to create another two sections of field but I decided to take a break and make the first half of the roads, unfortunately I have run out of No More Nails and Polyfila so I need to wait I get to the pound store tomorrow.  As always there is more to follow including actually getting a board to play on.

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