Bolt Action Terrain part 3

So the continuation of my terrain building continues, first off I haven’t got a picture of the completed trench line to show as I completely forgot about taking one, I will however remedy this after I get them from the club.

Next in the production line is fields, multiple sections that can be placed together with roads or tracks to break up the table nicely.  I have seen many made with faux fur and while I love the look of them I much prefer to use the Coir door mats cut into sections as they are nice and cheap.


This is very similar to the mat I got off of eBay for the cost of a bout £6. This isn’t bad and should make me at least 5 field sections.  I am still working on the principle of the 11” x 11” base boards for the larger sections of terrain as I think they will give a nice uniformed look to the table. For the firs tile I decided that a track would cut the field in half and this would need tire tracks in it.  I cut the mat to size and attached with the trusty ‘no more nails’ then added the polyfilla to the board to create a rough surface.  Once that was dry I drilled/gouged/poked some holes in it for fence posts and then added the planks to the fences.  I then spent the best part of 14 hours throwing up for no apparent reason, I certainly was interesting and not without its amusement…. mostly for the missus and the cat.  Once I recovered a bit I added the pva and the sand and now its waiting for paint.

FB_IMG_13739033520521204 IMAG0411

With the terrain on the table I thought hey why not pose some pictures of Panzer Lher on the move so without further delay here we have the culmination of some work.

IMAG0414 IMAG0415 IMAG0416 IMAG0417 IMAG0418

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2 Responses to Bolt Action Terrain part 3

  1. Argentbadger says:

    NIice painting, and nice terrain. I always like the idea of the doormat-to-wheat-field terrain piece more than the effect, as I find that the non-immersion allowed destroys the illusion because miniatures sit on top of it rather than wade through it.

    • Ghostmaker says:

      Yeah i was never a fan of the whole, models on top thing. I am going to experiment with the next tile and some hair clippers to see if can trim the wheat.

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