Bolt Action Terrain part 2

To follow on from the previous post about terrain for Bolt Action, I thought it was time to update the pictures with the work I have been doing this week.  I had planned to be much further on with the terrain but I have been helping out in the 6s2hit store recently.

Here we have the second completed tile which is an end gun pit style, which my tiger can fit into.


The final section (for the time being) was sitting last night with the poly filler drying so I can flock it early this morning and have the paint completed by the start of games night……well that’s the plan….


Once these are done I have been asked to make a set for the Games Hub/6s2hit for their war games terrain collection and since they are not to difficult to make I agreed to do it.  Once the paint jobs finished I will get some shots up of the completed trench line with miniatures in it.

Time for al little self advertising here, some of you may know that I record a podcast for 6s2hit on a weekly basis with Simon, im hoping that any of you that have listened or may listen in future because of my sneaky attempt at self promotion here.  Im hoping we can get some feedback on what we talked about or indeed for future episodes, we get a fair few listeners but very little feedback.  As always your help is appreciated.

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2 Responses to Bolt Action Terrain part 2

  1. Grant says:

    I presume this is where you want the feedback.
    It would be nice to hear some commentary for starting up playing, a bit like the tale of 4 gamers that GW did in white dwarf but for other systems other than GW. perhaps from the stuff 62hit sell. you now the type of thing, how much £ to get started and then £ on expanding. although It might not appeal to your regular listeners who have all the kit. Also since you’ve asked or feedback, it sounds like your recording in a cave, maybe add some dripping water effects would help and a bit more echo on Simon’s diabolical laugh.

    keep up the good work Craig

    • Ghostmaker says:

      Evening Grant,
      Thanks for the suggestion will have a bash at it tomorrow night, Tale of Gamers is one of my favorite white dwarf articles and i think its got legs for a podcast topic. You can leave feedback here or on the podcast site As for well i record from my cupboard and Simon records from his kitchen, sound quality is iffy and occasionally im playing world of tanks at the same time so im not always paying attention. I saw your post on the Scottish malifools page and i assumed with the Deadwoods image it was you but i decided not to comment.

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