Journeyman League Part 1


Well in my last post I explained that I was going to be running a rather tasty Cygnar list in the local league, however it turns out I was a little poor and the new army had to be put on hold.  So I entered with my Trollbloods and im glad that I did as I have been having some terrific games with them, there is a chance that I may finally have gotten the hang of Madrak.

Week 1 Battle Box:

Game 1: Karis’s Legion, new player but she had beaten me three times in the practice games. My Impalers took care of the Shredders and my Axer (Little Dave) bitch slapped the Carnivean.  End result was 3 troll light beasts and Madrak ganging up on Lylyth.

Result: Win Caster Kill

Game 2: Alan’s Cygnar, his jacks took out most of the beasts and then he decided to prove a point by charging Stryker at Madrak, this is where it went wrong and Madrak took the beating and then with two swings removed Stryker from the game.

Result: Win

Game 3: Chris’s Circle, Axer charged a slightly damaged warpwolf and killed it 3 hits, the Madrak and the Axer killed Kaya.

Result: Win Caster Kill

Game 4: Erik’s Legion, Axer charged the Carnivean and killed it with the help of one of the Impalers. Opponent conceded the game as the only had a shredder and Lylyth left.

Result: Win Caster Kill

Week 2: 15 Points (Battle box + Whelps and Min Kreil Stone):

Game 5: Ben’s Legion, Axer took out the Carnivean again and Madrak took Lylyth in a couple of swings.

Result: Win Caster Kill

Game 6: Steven’s Circle, It went wrong managed to get a charge onto Kaya and the Axer left her with only one wound left, then managed to get Madrak into a position to chuck his axe at her despite being in melee.  The shot hit and had I rolled one higher she would have been dead.

Result: Loss Scenario

Game 7: Bradley’s Pigs: It all went wrong here my Axer tried to go one on one with the War Hog and died, then both my Impalers were killed and although Madrak took out the War Hog I lost on scenario.

Result: Loss Scenario

Game 8: Digby’s Circle (Balder List): Started off well as for a change Digby couldn’t roll dice, then it went a little wobbly in the middle and the end well it was incredible. I have played this opponent many times and every game it always ends for me like the laundry scene in the Shawshank Redemption.  This time it went the same way until Digby noticed that while Balder had been killing Madrak in melee he has looked at the stats of the Heavy next to him and that in fact the roll of a four had missed and Madrak was alive with five wounds and no fury.  Madrak cuts himself for four leaving him on one wound as this is an all or nothing fight.  First hit lands on Balder, damage roll is +1 and I roll a 15 killing Balder.

Result: Win Caster Kill

Painting Points: 10, Impaler and Fennblades.

Journeyman Points Total: 29

Week 3 begins on Wednesday and im totally ready for

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