Brave New World


Its been a while but Edinburgh again has a Privateer Press Ganger, Est was recently accepted onto the programme and will be based at the Games Hub and Edinburgh League of Gamers.  Not only has she just started but she has a massive list of events planned, starting with a Journey man’s league that will run from battle box size all the way up to 35 points.  So to mark the occasion I thought it would be only fair if I took part in the new league, now I could have run with my trolls again but I thought I would get into the spirit of the event as there are a lot of new players talking part this time.  So I bought a Cygnar battlebox as I rather fancy the idea of a ranged army, the models are reposed and the bases are supposed to be representing a war torn battlefield. The aim is to switch to Kara Sloan as soon as I can with some nice ranged support.


A rough count the other day gives us about 35+ Warmachine players in Edinburgh with about 7 new in the last few weeks, Est has done a bang up job of promoting the hobby to the gamers here.


As the poster the event kicks off the 1st May and games can be played at either the Hub or [elg] all you need to do is let Est know the results.  She can be contacted on the Privateer Press Forums or 6s2hit as AdeptEst or at the following email address

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