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So I bought the missus a kindle with my student loan, well part of it at least.  All was wel until I realised that I hadn’t got a cover or case for it and no offence to the love of my life but she is ever so slightly clumsy.  Then I got given the chance to review a case for a kindle from  I hadn’t heard of these guys before even when I was searching the internet for a great cover that Linsey would like, I could see many plain cases or brightly coloured ones but nothing that I thought she would love the look of.


So this was the case I designed for her, the website design tool gives you almost limitless ability to design the case yourself.  You can choose from Iphones or Kindles or other tablet products.  You then go on and choose to either create a unique design, an existing design or one from a collection of the clip art.


I settled on the white background and added an owl clip art (she loves owls) then I framed that and added her name at the bottom on one of the many different fonts they have.  I placed my order and waited for it to arrive, to be fair it arrived fairly fast and was well wrapped allowing it to survive my postman.  The end result of this was that Linsey adores her owl kindle case and that on two occasions it has protected the device from the impact damage after she dropped it.  With the growing number of clip art on the Ideal Cases website the design options will continue to grow at a fast rate.  The end result is a custom made case for an exceptionally good price and a unique design.

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