Tools of the Trade

Just recorded another section for 6s2hit podcast talking about gaming aids and what we use.  So I thought I would knock out a short blog post about the things I use and why.


First off we have the Edinburgh League of Gamers dice that I have been using in one colour or another for about 6 years now, I must have about 60 of them now.  I prefer these dice to the ones that you can buy from Gamer Workshop simply on the fact that they are larger, about the size of a scatter dice.


Next my lovely hand made dice bag made by the talented Caroline,  this one has the club logo embroidered on it but many at the club had had other symbols or text done on theirs.


Next my old faithful tape measure that I got when I worked at a plumber merchants, it was free and despite its age and battered appearance still works so I don’t see the need to replace it.

P1010971 P1010972

Lastly my tremendously helpful Warmachine and Hordes templates and tokens.

There are obviously a number of other gamer aids out there that could be of use to me and indeed I own a few others but these are the essentials.  I have tokens and templates for other games but since im playing a lot of Warmahordes of late this tends to be my kit load out.  I intend to write a little post about the carry cases I use as I have finally found a set that suit my needs and were compatible with She who must be obeyed and her dislike of me spending money on games and game related things….. Ok she isn’t that bad but I think spending £100 on a case might be beyond me.

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One Response to Tools of the Trade

  1. cadarn says:

    They look great. One of the things I especially like on the guys up top is their pseudo Truescale-ness. I’ve become more and more conscious of how badly proportioned normal power armoured astartes models are and so it’s always nice to see conversions which address this, either deliberately or not. Great stuff.

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