The voices they talk to me…

Well its been a busy few weeks what with work and other things and apart from selling off my Khador force to a mate all I have really done hobby wise was to record a podcast with Simon from 6s2hit on the subject of what’s on the cards for next year and more importantly I got to rant about my favourite spaceship game Firestorm Armada.  This is another of the excellent games produced by Spartan Games and we at 6s2hit thought we would give it some love.  And to be honest if you know me you will be aware that I need no encouragement to rant about things.


On the subject of Spartan Games I have been toying with the idea of applying to be a vanguard for Firestorm Armada in the Edinburgh area and I finally decided that I am going to go for it an purchased myself a second fleet that I can get painted up to allow me to demo the game to new players.



I chose the Terran fleet as there is something about there ship design that reminds me of one of my favourite Scifi shows Battlestar Galactica.  I hope to get them painted up in the next week or so, well as soon as I remember to buy some black spray paint which I need to add that I have been trying to pick up for almost 3 weeks now..




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