The Axis Horde…

Ok so Dust Warfare I will admit is actually a lot of fun the reaction in the initiative makes a lot of sense and the way you issue orders well that’s just cool. I traded the Allied stuff with Kingfig from 6s2hit and in return I got the rules book for the table top miniatures game.  This is perhaps the only downside to the game that the box you can buy has miniatures, terrain, dice, scenery and models nut has the rules for the Tactics board game and not the tabletop war game.  No big deal thought as the rule book for warfare can be picked up at many shops for under £30.  Now one of the key selling points of this game is that the miniatures already come with a base coat on them so they do not need to be painted, however I had to do it I enjoy painting models to my crappy tabletop level of quality.


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