Tale of Gamers

The [elg] tale of gamers is due to kick off within the next few weeks and I have made little progress on my Dwarf army:


This is pretty much all I have done for the last few weeks on them apart from playing one game of Warhammer Fantasy first game since probably 4th edition.  The game was gainst AndyM from http://3coloursbased.wordpress.com/ it was a 750 game against his newly built and partially painted undead army.  I have to say that this was a learning experience as I have played far to much 40k in my life.  My Dwarf thane turned out to be the man (Dwarf) of the match as he went toe to toe with the Vampire for a time and at one point thought he was going to vanquish her until he got squished.

What I learned was that I needed to focus my force on one point in the enemy battle line in order to maximise the strength of the grit suckers.  I also learned that flanks are really important and not to be ignored unless you want to lose the game to some wraiths.

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