The Gentleman’s League: Dust Warfare…they did it to me again.

Over the years the guys from the ‘Scots Table’ on the podcast have ran a number of these so called gentlemen’s leagues to encourage you to build and paint and play an army for a particular game system, its essentially similar to Tale of Gamers.  Well they recently started a new league and this time it’s Dust: Warfare the rather nice table top war game written by the esteemed Mr Andy Chambers.


For the last few weeks I have been focusing on my tale of gamers dwarf army and finishing off my RSN fleet for firestorm, I have watched from the side as Shaz at the games hub has acquired a very nice Soviet force and Kenny has bought every single allied miniature he can find (the guy has more Armour than Patton).  Each time that these two gentlemen have attempted to get me to play Dust I have refused, No I said I have too many games to play and the missus will kill me if I buy another games system, then yesterday something happened….


I bought the Dust:Tactics boxed set, I wasn’t sure which faction I wanted to play until I got my hands on the shiny shiny plastic goodness.  I eventually chose the Axis and Kenny is planning some kind of trade for the Allies to add to his insane army.  I’m planning to paint these up nicely and play them in the Friday evening war games night at the Hub which starts at I believe 100 points and runs up to 300 in total, I have played one demo game and I must say I like the system and im sure I will like it more as I play more games.


One last thing, I said I wasn’t going to play Dust so all I have to say is damn you Shaz Damn you…


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