[elg] Tale of Gamers

First of all I have to say that although I have bought each rulebook for Warhammer Fantasy I haven’t actually played a game since the original boxed set with the High Elves and Goblins in the box.


I have tried many times to start an army but I have never found one I liked the look of or could afford, I have had ogres, vampires and empire all of which I have either sold or traded out to folks.  Well this time its going to be different Edinburgh League of Gamers are running a nice slow build tale of gamers for Fantasy and well the organizer Brian managed to convince me with what I must say was a tremendous sales pitch.


I have always liked dwarves there background and the whole grudge thing I just think is great and leaves a lot of room for home brew fluff and background.  This is however where I hit a small snag, I am supposed to not be spending cash on war games I promised the missus I wouldn’t.  So I had chosen and army but I had no models and a tiny budget and then I was given the answer, for a long time I had admired the Mantic Games dwarf range as I love the uniformed look they have and it just so happened that 6s2hit.com was selling the army box for £25.


This gives me the following models:

40 Ironclads – Warriors

30 Iron Watch – Thunderers or Quarrellers

15 Shield Breaker – Hammerers

2 Leadbelchers – Cannon or Organ Guns

All for £25, which is nice.

I also picked up the Dwarf Kings War Council for £9 in the sale which has given me a Lord, Standard, Runesmith and a Dragon Slayer.


So I have already figured out my 750 point starter force which I shall keep secret as its not ready yet, I will post some pictures as I go along the build.  The army is going to be full of black powder weapons as I love the idea of the Dwarf gun line.  I think that the theme is going to be that of either a mercenary Dwarf force or maybe a Hold defence force i am not sure yet but there will be some nice fluff to go along with the characters and units.

One final thing is that I need to post a hello to a miniature sculptor I know who reads this dribble that I write.



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