Basement Brawl @ Games Hub Edinburgh


Last Friday saw the start of the Games Hub’s first Warmachine and Hordes event, this was timed to begin with the arrival of 6s2hit’s Privateer Press stock.  So far there are about 15 sign ups for the league which is not too bad for a fun event that will run for a couple of months.  Rather than needing a large amount of organisation we decided that it would be best to keep it simple so its 25 points turn up any time and play who ever is around.  So on Friday night I rolled out the brick to go up against Digby and his Mercs, lets just say it could have been worse.  In the end we went 4 turns and I killed 4 of the devil dogs and he killed….. well everything I think.

So it came down to Madrak and a heroic and futile last stand gainst the entire MacBain theme list.  What I learned is that while I have the application of the brick understood I do not have target priority sorted out.  I moved up and allowed the mercs to come to me, the first two targets I could attack was the Devil Dogs and a heavy jack, what did I hit they infantry when the heavy jack was the only thing that do any serious damage to me, so I ignored that. I held out with Madrak as long as possible using every possible way to transfer damage or to ignore damage just needing to stay alive for a little while longer, and well it didn’t work.

Game Win: Digby.


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2 Responses to Basement Brawl @ Games Hub Edinburgh

  1. You had a brick, I had a mangler with a wrecking ball. We know how it ends. I agree it all came down to the choice not to trample the devil dogs. I also think you had a hard time from my damage rolls as I pulled off a few epic hits. Good game.

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