When the going gets tough, the tough get cold.

For the last few years I have been zooming round Edinburgh on a lovely little 125cc motorbike and recently I decided that it was time for me to upgrade and get a big bike.  So stage one I did my theory test and it wasn’t to bad I passed first time which was good and saved me the re sit fee. So this last weekend I was in doing my module one test which was a combination of manoeuvres in a closed yard environment, again I passed this however I have to say that there was a reason behind my passing.   Over the weekend I was out round Edinburgh and the borders getting the hang of the lovely 600cc bike I was to be tested on, now the weather was cold it was really cold and it was then that I was glad that I had gotten a reusable hand warmer from www.paramountzone.com I was got this as a gift and I thought it was probably going to useful at some point.

This little beauty kept my throttle hand (right one) nice and toasted warm all the way out of Edinburgh over the top of Sutra and into the borders.  The views from the top of the A68 on the bikes was tremendous but I would have imagined that without the warmth from the hand warmer I think my trip would have been slightly less pleasant.

The hand warmer did a great job of keeping my hand nice and warm even at 60mph coming down the borders side of the hill, the little red hot water bottle is simple to use with just a click of the little metal disk and away you go.  Best of all is that you just stick it in some boiling water and away you go again.  I defiantly will be getting another one as they are just the right size to slip into the back of my motorcycle gloves without being uncomfortable.

Head over to www.paramountzone.com to grab one of these very well priced hand warmers and they look great since they are mini hot water bottles.

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