Oops I did it again!


Well I did it again, I used to play a lot of World of Warcraft and well recently I was convinced into playing again by some friends.  This was just before the launch of super panda fun land adventure, which has to be said I wasn’t impressed with prior to launch, what I think now well that’s a whole different story.  I am back in love with WoW and since im a holy paladin (healer extraordinaire) I tend to be raiding quite a bit and this was where I am so glad that I have this little gadget.

I love my cups of tea and nothing is better than a session of WoW with a nice warm cuppa next to me, here in lies the problem.  Because I heal there can be long stints where I cant reach for my tea sue to being busy saving all the other raid members. So this piece of kit is great I can leave it on with my cup of tea in my awesome Star Trek mug (don’t judge me) and sit and raid for a long time with the tea kept just right.

The cup warmer is great as it plugs into the USB ports on the rear of my keyboard and has an excellent little on and off switch that means I can turn it off when I don’t need it.  This is great as I tend to forget to unplug USB devices when I am not using them and in the case of this then its probably for the best.  The actual device itself is very neat and unobtrusive so it fits well on my wargamer littered desk, the hot plate it self surrounded by a lip that will help keep the mug in place when things get bumpy.  The cup warmer I ordered came from www.paramountzone.com and was on offer at the time, best part is I can now drink tea and raid at the same time.

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