Another brick in the wall..

For the last few months I have been trying to get my head around the play style of Trollbloods in Hordes and over this period I have had small successes and some terrible beatings.  The worst being the 35 point Troll brick versus the 35 point Rhulic gun line, it was interesting let’s just leave it at that.

As I said I am finally getting to grips with some tactics for them, some of these methods are a little unreliable but I kind of like that, I like the risky plan that won’t always work.  First off I am a huge fan of Critical Smite on the Impalers throwing spear, the d6 slam has moments where its tremendous.  Moments when you clam a legion light beast onto the warlock that is hiding behind it, or when you throw Denegrha onto a wall and knock of her last couple of wounds.  The knock down on the target can delay an enemy advance for a turn and force them to regroup.  The down side of this is that the critical effect as always only happens on a double, so it’s unreliable.

The Krielstone Bearer & Stone Scribes unit is an auto include I love the ability to throw out a bubble of protection that gives +2 Arm on everything within the bubble range and that range increases the more fury you pump into it.  The fact that the stone also runs as a fury vault can be useful for those turns where you are starting on less that full fury.  The unit attachments stone warp abilities can be used to great effect, the ability to negate stealth and incorporeal within the bubbles range can keep the likes of Deneghra further back from your brick.

I always said that my plan for Trolls was to run a Gunnbjorn gun line army, I haven’t done this yet as I have decided to get to grips with Madrak Ironhide first in an attempt to learn the Troll basics.  I am liking the way that Madrak plays, his tough melee element coupled with some great spells as really helping my game.  Sure Foot gives models within 3” of the target +2 Defence and no knock down, couple that with the +2 Arm from the stone and that’s a nice set of defensive buffs.  The latest tactic that I have learned with Madrak is the great effects that thrown Rathrok has when fighting Hordes armies.  If you manage to crit with Rathrok it stops the model from transferring damage, cannot heal, cannot be healed and loses tough, this is tremendous when you consider the applications for hitting an enemy caster that was hiding behind there war beast until you knocked it down with an impaler shot. Fair enough the range on Rathrok is limited but with the impalers animus adding to the range things can get interesting.

The other aspect of Trollbloods that I am trying to get to grips with is the brick formation; it’s the specific line up or order in the deployment that I have finnaly I think figured out the correct order.  My brick set up at 25 points is fairly straight forward.

Front Rank: Impaler-Axer-Mauler-Impaler

Second Rank: Madrak – Runebearer

Third Rank: Krielstone & Stone Scribes – Elder

This tight brick allows me to cast sure foot on the either the Runebearer or the Stone bearer which grants the entire brick the buff, also the placement of the Krielstone is central enough that the bubble will cover all the models with a couple of fury chucked in.  The important thing with the brick is to ensure that the formation remains tight. If there are targets on the flank then wheel the brick to face assuming your not opening yourself up to attack in your flank.  Many opponents when faced with the advancing brick will take a step back to give themselves another turn of breathing space to calculate how to react, this gives you the chance to deal with any nasty advance deployed units.  The placement of the beasts up front gives you the best chance to be in range for the Impalers criticals and allows you to focus the heavy hitters onto a single enemy target and wipe it out and move on.  I have tried this set up in two games against circle and in both cases it worked out fairly well for me.  The test will be to see how well it holds up against Grant’s Menoth and there nasty nasty fire.



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