The times they are a changing.

So I was at the war games club the other night playing some Warmachine and apparently my old and beloved G Shock is apparently a bit childish looking…. I was shocked but never mind I thought I will ask the missus what she thinks.  Turns out my G Shock watch is a bit childish, I like it because it takes a beating and does not break.  Anyway moving forward a few days and my lovely fiancee decided that I needed a new watch to make me look more like a grown up.  So she ordered me a watch that looked respectable and in her words “not meant for primary school children”.

So this was my adult watch, its by a company called Softech and I have to say for the price they charge it’s a very fine watch, it has the Chronograph style without the price tag attached to it, the little dials on the main dial are cosmetic only and I have to say I actually appreciated that as I just need to tell the time.

The watch is dressy enough that I can wear it with the much dreaded suit and tie combo that I am unfortunately required to wear, much to my horror.  The face is a little larger than the average watch face, I have always liked bigger watches I don’t know why but I like the chunky (ooo’er) The watch arrived in a very solid box that had survived the apparent war zone that my post man seems to work in as many packages have not been as fortunate.  Overall the watch is very good value and looks like many higher price items, and from what I understand makes it look like im not a child who plays with toys.  The website that she ordered it from has a number of other watches that quite like but that may come later on.

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