No Smoke without fire

Anyone that I game with knows that to my annoyance I started to smoke again after giving up for almost a year.  Now I have to add that this was not down to any need to smoke but was in fact down to the fact that I spend far to much time with mates who smoke so im always exposed to it. So I have a tendency to go back to smoking due to this.  It’s a pathetic reason but its how things.  My missus has been very supportive of this endeavor and she decided to do something to help with my struggle.

She had seen these near her work and had heard they were helpful when stopping, she explained to me that it wouldn’t stop me smoking but it should help with my mates all smoking around me.  I wasn’t confident as I had seen these before and they always seemed very expensive.  Well I have to say right here that I was wrong, it’s a really clever product.

I simply plug the packed into the charger or the cable from my Ipod and wait until it charges, one thing I will say is that it holds its charge for a very long time without needing recharged.  The other thing I really like about this is that the case they come in is the perfect size to slip into your pocket.

So hopefully this time with this to occupy my hands I will do better at stopping and staying stopped.

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