Like a Rolling Troll

Its been a few month since I purchased my trolls battle box and in that time I think I have played maybe 25 games ranging in points from just the battle box to full 35 point games.  I think that I am finally getting the hang of them, its weird as I have played Warmachine since mk2 was released but I never really got to grips with my Khador force.  I think the regular players were right when they suggested that instead of running Karchev the terrible as my first caster I should have stuck to Sorcha from the battle box.

So with my Trollbloods I decided to take notice of Digby’s advice and start with the battle box to learn how the faction plays and in particular learn a solid warlock.  So I began with the Chief Madrak Ironhide and I have been running him in every game since I began my adventures in hordes.  At first I was reluctant to bring the Chief out from behind the solid wall of troll light beasts but in the last few games I have started to bring him to the front in games.  With some help from a Hordes player at the Edinburgh Games Hub he explained just how great Rathrok is as a thrown weapon, the critical effect of stopping transferring and healing is a tremendous effect.  This paid off for me in a recent game against Legion where the warlock was down to three health boxes on turn two due to some lucky rolls.  The Chief has a nice set of protection elements whether that be the Scroll that stops a damage roll once per game or the talisman that stops charges in the front arc.

The Troll Impaler is quickly becoming my favourite model in my army, I usually run two of them.  Im a huge fan of critical smite on the thrown spears, the chance to push back and knock down models at twelve inch range with far strike is a great tool.  Now I realise that this is reliant upon the critical roll but apparently I am pretty good at rolling crits.  This becomes a great ability if the opponent has placed their caster behind a warjack or warbeast.

The Krielstone Bearer and the Runebearer are now automatic includes for me when im building a list the protective aura of the Krielstone can protect the brick as it moves across the table and with the added unit attachment giving an ability to negate certain effects is very cool.  The Runebearer’s ability tot reduce the points cost of one of the warlock’s spells each turn is great when you consider that The Chief only has five fury to play with.  The added bonus of being able to cast one warlocks spells once per game can really save your ass that turn you forgot to cast something with the warlock.

So the question is where do I go next I have a 35 point force which I will be taking up to 50 points but I do not know where to go with it, I have had advice from Digby at [Elg] but I am still unsure.  If you have any suggestions on what to add to the following your suggestions would be welcomed.

Madrak Ironhide

Dire Troll Mauler (called Dave)

Troll Axer

2 x Impalers (their crit push back was epic)


6 Kreil Warriors

Caber thrower

4 Krielstone Bearers

Stone Scribe Elder

6 Fennblades

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