Bursting the seal

I wandered into the Games Hub after an interesting trip to the gym, and it turns out my ltd edition copy of Dark Vengeance had arrived in the 6s2hit store, after I dragged Mr Fig away from his intro game of Firestorm Armada he handed me my shiny new box of goodness.

Of course every website blog and forum has rattled on at length unboxing the set and drooling over the contents.  So I thought I would have a different look at things, first off the box itself is in my opinion the finest they have ever done, the card is not as hard wearing as Space Hulk but the cover art is great.  The understated grey scheme with the faded Dark Angels symbol just looks great.  The random splashes of blood on the cover suits the grim darkness that is the 41st millennium.

The mini rule book is superb quality compared to the previous version and is even more detailed and higher quality than the mini Warmachine rulebook.  Weighing in at 153 pages the book is the perfect alternative to the full size book and contains all the same high quality detail as well.  I didn’t own a copy of the previous 2 editions mini rule books but I have had access to them on more than one occasion. Having listened to the D6 generation for many years I think I will take the advice of the venerable hosts and get my rule book spiral bound to allow for easier use on the tabletop.

The starter guide for Dark vengeance is a great little addition even for the veteran 40k gamer as it talks you threw the game one step at a time, this I think will be the perfect way for an introduction to 6th edition for those like me that have read the main rule book but not actually had a chance to play.  The good quality shiny cover on the book will also help it stand up better to the rigors of a sandpaper like gaming surface.

What can I say about the models that has not already been said…. Not much really, the cultists and chosen have some of the finest details that I have ever seen on any Games Workshop models, the death wing are almost as good as the blood angels from Space Hulk.  I am reluctant to go into a lot of details about them as its all been said, all I will say is that I am working on some conversion ideas for the Hellbrute, either as a obliterator infected dreadnought or possibly as a very nice Iron Warriors Deamon Prince.  We shall just have to wait and see what I can come up with.

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