Build it and they will come.

For many months there has been a thread running on the 6s2hit forums about some plan to create a top line gaming venue in Edinburgh now it seems like the planning had been going on forever… Well its here, its open, its shiny.

The Edinburgh Games Hub is finally here, located at 101 Lauriston Place, Edinburgh City, EH3 9JB.  The hub is open from 10am till 10pm all week long for some excellent gaming fun.  The food being served is rather good and considering this is Edinburgh in the summer nicely priced.  The ground floor is home to the café part of the hub.

Possibly the best thing about the hub is the library… now this is not books, this is somewhere around the top 250 games from Board game geek, I m serious there are literally hundreds of shiny shiny board games to play with while enjoying some food.  The way the gaming area works is that you purchase a membership each year and you can then access all the games area for only £1 per visit.  Seems to be a fair deal as the gaming area is suitable for board games, wargames and even card games.

In the same area as the board games library is 6s2hit the shop home of discount war gaming, some pictures will follow later on.  The game hub brings a high standard to gaming venues in Edinburgh and offers the complete package.

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