Kill Team Baby

I was over at the new 6s2hit shop inside the Edinburgh Games Hub playing some Kill Team with Mr Kingfig from the 6s2hit pod cast and forums.  This was our attempt at trying to learn the new 6th ed rules as we talk a lot about them but as of yet hadn’t played them, turns out we didn’t need any of them for Kill Team.  The choice was between the custom made Wolf Scout team:

Or my Iron Warriors chosen also made with Kill Team in mind:

The game started off with Kingfig deploying his infiltrating scouts first this left me with some horrific deployment options…. Ok when I say options I actually only mean 1 option. I was stuck in the corners of the board at the limits of possible deployment.  I wasn’t overly concerned as I know that my Iron Warriors can soak up punishment well.

The end result was a complete thrashing for the wolf pups as they lost the entire squad and the Iron Warriors lost nothing…muhahah

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