Magos Korak

Magos Korak turned his head from the consoles and watched the read outs scroll across the display screen.  With a thought Korak activated the internal communications node he was soon connected to General Martok.

Magos, have you found what I need? The communications channel crackled with interference and the general’s voice was distorted.

 I believe I have my lord I await your arrival.  Magos Korak turned back to his work and waited for the general to arrive.

 The heavy doors opened with a squeal of metal grinding upon metal and the fully armoured form of General Martok entered the domain of Magos Korak.  The general approached the work station where Korak was waiting.

My General I believe I have found what you were looking for it shall take but a moment and I shall have access.  Korak pressed a button on the unit with one of his servo arms.

 A panel retracted and the head of a Mechanicum skitarii appeared out of a cloud of gas.  The Magos lowered his bionic arm and engaged some internal algorithm and a number of snake like probes appeared and interfaced with a port on the side of the head.

Accessing primary memory core…..bypassing security protocols….internal buffers rerouted…. Verification code invalid…. Data corruption detected….. Overide codes accepted…. Security systems deactivated…. Magos Koraks eyes opened and look straight at General Martok.  General I have access to the memory engrams of this skitarii unit.

 General Martoks face broke out into a wide smile and he simply turned and walked slowly out of the chamber to the echo of his laughter.

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