Martok’s 35th Company

General Matok gripped the edge of the holographic display in the centre of a shadow darkened command chamber. Martok was bathed in a pale green glow of the image of an outpost displayed above the console. The general studied the defences of the target; he noted the layers of bunkers and razor wire that circled the central complex.

“You will fail usurper, you cannot hope to defeat this bastion of the false emperor” the malicious voice echoed from the shadows.

The General ignored the voice and focuses his attention back to the defences looking for the weak point he knew had to exist. One of the Generals servo arms reached out and manipulated a dial on the side of the display, the picture changed to a different angle.

Laughter rang out from the shadows “That’s not it, you are not fit to wear that armour, you cannot succeed,  you were always weak.”

General Martok slammed his fist into the display shattering the surface around his armoured gauntlet. Twisting to face the direction of the voice he swiped his fist across the table spilling charts onto the floor. The General marched towards the mocking laughter. The voice came from a corner of the room bathed in shadows.

“Be silent, you dare to taunt me your nothing but a relic of failure” Martok spat curses towards the shadows. Martok reached into the shadows a grasped the handle of a mighty hammer, lifting it to his face. The surface of the hammer shimmered with a blue light.

“Once again you face me usurper, when will you realise that you are not worthy of my title.” The blue shimmer pulsed as the voice spoke. General Martok dismissed this without a thought and returned the deamon hammer Ruinam to its hook upon his armoured belt.

“It was you that failed in your duty to our lord and you paid the price for your weakness, you are now Ruinam nothing more that that.” Martok strode down the decking towards the bridge of his ship.

“One day Martok I shall see you fall to your knees and beg for the god’s forgiveness”. The corridors of the ship echoed with the deamon hammers laughter.

Martok stared out across the ruined battlefield the remnants of his forces withdrawing, the ground littered with the remains of burnt out vehicles and the dead. The assault had gone to plan until the appearance of those fanatical Sisters of Battle, then things began to go collapse. The imperial defenders of the outpost had fallen to the blades of the Iron Spectres in the early dawn light, it was not until the remainder of the General’s forces deployed that the heretics showed themselves.

“I told you that you would fail usurper, you were beaten by  women you are pathetic” the hammers taunts were accompanied as always by the laughter.

General Martok knew Ruinam was correct they had been defeated by a force of weak women, how could this have happened? He knew the answer of course, that undying bitch that led them was to blame. He had seen her approach the left flank of his position and ordered his havoc’s to open fire with their missile launchers, he had seen her fall to the ground with the four missile barrage. She then got to her knees and charged into combat with his support troops. Things continued to get worse from then on, Brother Veldor succumbed to the madness that can take hold of a dreadnought, he opened fire one of his own rhinos transports destroying it.

“I know what your thinking usurper, your going to blame your troops for your failure” the deamon hammers tone was that of complete disgust.

The enemy had somehow managed to outflank his forces and began to work slaughter his men, he had seen the old crone and the half naked wench’s approach there huge chain weapons in there hands. Martok led his squad towards them his power armour augmenting his charge as he smashed then squad apart with his deamon hammer.

“Those women certainly proved you a mighty warrior Martok they didn’t even wear armour, what are you going to do next to prove your martial skill.” The disdain in the tone of the voice was almost to much for the General.

“Silence, you are nothing but a failure in the eyes of the gods Ruinam” Martok spat the words as he turned towards the extraction.

“Be careful usurper you are the failure now.” The deamon hammers laugh continued as the figure disappeared into the smoke.

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