Raw Deal

I have worked in retail for a number of years, indeed too many to count on my fingers and during this double life sentence I have always been told one thing.  The aim of the game is to keep the customer happy, obviously this is not always possible as some people are never happy.  Over the last year or so I have read online and heard in person some horrific horror stories about the level of service that the main UK online retailers are offering I always just kept calm and carried on.  That was until till thirteen days ago when I decided to order the troll models I needed to make up to fifteen points for the journeyman’s league, now normally I buy all my stuff from one store as up until now they have been the best of a bad bunch.  This all changed when I logged into the store to select my goods, I checked them and yes the are advertised as being in stock and “should” be despatched within 24 hours.  Excellent I though as this online store has never let me down except from the 6th edition 40k release mine was a week late and was damaged on the cover but I put that down to the royal mail.

Now things get interesting, I receive an email on about the 7th day explaining to me that the goods are out of stock and awaiting delivery so I wait.  Monday I email them complaining that despite there website showing the goods in stock I still have nothing to use and I have missed the two weeks of my journeyman’s league due to there inability to show correct stock levels on there website, when I raised the point that they took my money 19 days ago I was told its ok we have not got the funds yet simply requested them fro your bank, so no one has the money.  I am getting sick fed up of the raw deal that online wargame retailers deliver to us as customers, they tell customers that items are in stock when clearly they are not.  Which would seem like false advertising?  They then feel its ok to wait 5 days to inform someone about an out of stock item when they have known since day one.  If these were high stores then the complaints would be huge and staff would be sacked but because a niche hobby apparently it is ok for them to act this way.  Now its not one company a number of the leading UK suppliers act this way.  A gamer mate of mine had to wait almost six months for some foam trays from a uk online vendor and in the end the American manufacturer had to step in to resolve the issue.

Is it not about time we demanded a good level of customer service from retailers?

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4 Responses to Raw Deal

  1. gaz says:

    I’m sure Frank at Worlds at War in Livingston would have had the items to you in 4 days tops. If people would just buy from their Friendly Local Game Shop, they’ll find a very friendly helpful business, usually struggling to survive because people go to these massive online discounters who don’t actually care a jot about their customers. They never have. I love hearing these all too regular stories like yours 😉

    • Ghostmaker says:

      Unfortuantly the attitudes of certain people round the livingston store puts me off it, there will be a wargames shop in Edinburgh at the end of the month so alls good.

      • gaz says:

        Cool, any news/details on that Edinburgh shop yet ?

        Does Frank know about the attitudes of these people and who they are ?

      • Ghostmaker says:

        Who knows, and Frank himself has had a bad reputation from the organisers of Claymore at the seswc now there not [elg] bur word gets around you know what gamers are like. The edinburgh store is upstairs caf/card games/board games and basement 6s2hit.com store

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