Let there be music.

As I mentioned yesterday my rather old and battered head phones died on me and I do like to listen to music and audio books, especially on the bus treks to work.  So I began to have a look around the high street to find a replacement and since I was buying them something cheap.  Well it turns out that the missus or she who must be obeyed had decided that she would get me a new set as a present since we have been together five years.( I didn’t forget and you cant prove anything)

So she told me she had ordered a set off the interwebs and that they should be here in a couple of days.  So while they were on order I survived with my one euro holiday special set.

The lovely lady herself had ordered me a set of Bass Buds, I hadn’t heard of them as a brand but she told me that her friends had a set and they were very good.  When I opened the parcel I was impressed by the quality of the packaging it reminded me of jewellers packaging rather than the usual cheap plastic of the other set I had bought.

The cables on the ear buds are the same style that is on my previous set and I am very happy with that as they fit well in the cable hole in my jacket.  The ear buds came with three sets of rubber covers in the normal sizes, however what is great is that one set are memory foam so they are a tremendous fit.

Turns out the memory foam ear buds are outstanding I tried them out at the gym and they never once felt they were going to slip out, this is the first time that I have felt this secure.  The sound quality is very good, even with the mp3 version of old Johnny Cash albums that tend to live on my I pod and the various audio books that normally suffer from very quiet sound levels now are vibrant like the music is.

The ear buds are very solid being made from aluminium and the cable being braided and coated with the anti tangle stuff.  The micro phone is nice as a little machined aluminium to match the button that allows you to pause and control your phone/ I pod.   The set that the missus got me are from the fashion range and she picked the rather nice looking metallic blue ones.  Overall they are an excellent set of ear buds at a very reasonable price when you look at the cost of the plastics apple versions.

Having a look at there website I found that they do two ranges of ear buds with a huge range of colours to choose from.  There is also a rather amusing game on there site that can get you discounts or free stuff, so have a look and see what you think.



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