Where the magic happens…

I have been a bit busy over the last few weeks between work and helping a mate with preparation for the opening of his gaming store.  Well I now have some time and I figured I had better get some posting done.  So to start at the beginning I thought I would show you the hobby area I have manage to capture from the missus.

As you can see I simply move my keyboard to the side and this gives me a good area to paint my models.  I love the old Games Workshop MDF painting station as the size is perfect for fitting models and paints.  Mine has been sprayed a few times as I use the board as a palette.  One thing I find very important when painting models is having something to listen too, when I was younger I would happily listen to some good AC/DC or similar but these days I prefer DVD’s or Audio Books.  I have built up a good collection of these to support my gaming habit.

Recently I have been listening to the Audio books of Terry Pratchett, unfortunately the missus is not a fan and I have had to start listening to them on my Ipod as I paint, now this wasn’t a problem until recently when my headphones packed in, so I am off to find myself a new set.  Also keep an eye out as I am going to be posting a review of the new figure case I bought.

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