Popping my Hordes cherry…..there was no hugging

With my newly sprayed Trollbloods battle box looking stealthy I was asked if I fancied a game my mate fog (http://fog99uk.blogspot.co.uk/) from the 6s2hit forum and podcast group. I figured you know I understand Warmachine how different can this be?

I know the basics I told myself as I had looked over the quick start guide that I got in my battle box a few times.  Ok I glanced at it maybe twice but apart from the fury and the animis how different can it be.  So we set up the game my troll bloods verses his Gatormen.

So I was lined up against the following:

Warlock: Bloody Barnabas

Blackhide Wrastler:

Ironback Spitter (think i dated her once):

So at this point all is going well, I have a rough grasp of the game and I know what my models are called. (It’s a start)  The game kicks off and I am learning what my units do and how they work, nothing impressive happens we trade some ranged shot and do some damage on each other.  Then I see the opening I run my Axer and Impaler into his Spitter and the other Axer into the Wrastler both fights see moderate damage on the heavies, meanwhile Madrak is behind a building waiting for a chance as I see an assassination move coming.

Over the next turn the heavies turn my lights into potato salad with crunchy bits and in the process opens up a path the Barnabas and the Gator is sitting on no fury, he’s mine I decide, I have read all about Madrak being a combat monster.  I cant charge in but I can walk into combat taking advantage of Reach to stay out of range of the Wrastler.  I thump Barnabas with my first hit and take him down to only 5 wounds left, Fogs adamant that ive just wont the game.

At this point my luck evaporates it just goes away in a poof of purple haze.  I only need six to hit on two dice and I manage to miss four time, I have no more fury and I cant hit any more.  The games over at this point as all Barnabas has to do is manage to hit me and that’s exactly what happened, the slimy Gator got me.

On the plus I did learn a lot about how to play Hordes and I think I may have a better grasp on the tactics of the Trolls and how to use them correctly.

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