Iron Caster….. slowly slowly catchy monkey

So week 5 is upon us at the Iron caster event and currently im sitting on 5 games and no winds so I feel its time to change things a little bit. My opponent was playing circle and I saw in a previous game that he had the circle solo, Lord of the Feast and I had previously seen him demolish infantry.


Michael Flatly ><

And due to the previous incidents with Deneghra I decided the Shock Troopers would be staying in my case so I swapped them out for a Decimator, this added to Black Ivan and the War dog gave me my 15 points list.


The lads move on up.

My opponent was the Unnamable One from and he was running the following 15 points.


The game began ok, I won the first turn and ran forward into cover of a little wall.  Uno moved his force into cover as well.  Turn 2 began with the Decimator moving over the wall with pathfinder and opening up with his Dirty Harry Magnum, one of the stones was in ruins.  Black Ivan moved up and managed to remove another stone.  Circle turn two the troops move forward ready for the warp wolf to run at my battle group. The decimator opens up again and the remaining stone doesn’t feel lucky.  The Warp wolf manages to run into to melee with the Decimator and takes off half its damage grid but only destroys the gun.  Black Ivan and the Decimator engage the Warp wolf and get it to only 2 damage boxes left, Harkavich sneaks a shot in with his pistol and takes down the beast.


With the beast down Kromac in beast form jumps into melee range and removes the Decimator from the game.  Black Ivan hits back and does moderate damage leaving the warlock on half health.


I choose to charge Hark into melee as I know this is possibly my last turn unless I can kill the hairy one.  The Combat leaves Kromac on 4 wounds; Black Ivan manages to miss three attacks even with fortune on him.  Things are looking grim at this point I have no way I can survive a mellee attack from Kromac.  Uno pops Kromacs feat and cuts himself for three leaving the warlock on a single wound but bursting with fury.  The attacks go in and after some of the worst dice luck I have ver seen Hark is left on a single point of health.  Uno decides that he has to try and get Kromac back the remaining Argus to try and recover some health, he chooses to jump out of melee with Black Ivan, Hark isn’t in range to help so its all down to the jack.  Needing nines to hit Ivan misses but the reroll for fortune hits with a ten, rolling for damage I get eleven and Kromacs down.  A hugely entertaining end to the game and a real cliff hanger of a finish.

The Unamable Ones painting log can be found here:

Victory to Khador….. bout freaking time.

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