We built this city

Ok as anyone who attends [elg] or 6s2hit will tell you i have been rattling on for months about building a wargames board, well yesterday i began the actual building.

I am starting at 4ft x 4ft as its mainly for warmachine so my plan was to get 6mm MDF cut into 1ft x 1ft squares so they could be modular in layout but also variable each time i play.  So i headed off to a certain DIY shop to get my boards, well this is where it fell apart i found out that they will do custom cuts up to 15 per sheet for no extra charge.  So i handed  two sheets to the guy and explained the need for 1ft squares no problem mate he claims… well lets just say that the squares are about 11 and 3/4 inches square and that i got them half price because he may have made a mistake.

So here are the materials i began with:

12 x 1ft squares of 6mm MDF:

Various Glues:
16 1ft square plastic textured vnyll floor tiles they cam in packs of 4 and i got them from the £1 store…

The only actual terrain i have purchased so for:

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