We built this city part 2

Once i got all my materials i could begin to create the tiles,  Im aiming for a Sweeney Todd / Sleepy hollow style steam punky look and for this i require flagstone on the ground.

I toyed with the idea of hirsts arts molds for a while but they are not very rugged, A chat with Nick at [Elg] and i had my idea, by cutting the floor tiles i can create the illusion of flagstones for very little money.

The Begining of a tile

The end result

obviously they still need painting but that will happen at the end, there will be 3 plain tiles that will have loose terrain on top they will represent the town square or market etc.

So thats what i have done, stay tuned for more thrilling adventures yet to come.

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One Response to We built this city part 2

  1. Looks great… can’t wait to see it painted!

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