Iron Caster….pffft

So were onto I think week5 of the Iron Caster event at [elg] and well my performance has been a little lack lustre, so bad that not even a little blue pill could help.  I played two games against Delboy from who had only had an intro game previously so these were his first real games.

As per the rules I ran with Harkevich, War Dog, Black Ivan and the Shock troopers again. I was up against War Witch Deneghra, Slayer, two Deathripper’s and a Defiler.  I figured I had a chance as it was essentially for him the battle box build, how wrong was I.

First game I moved Black Ivan and his mighty fist into range for a bombard shot with the intention of casting Broadside for a second shot.  Well here is where I learned that I am a total noob, I forgot pDeny has stealth.  So the shot missed her automatically.  The next thing I realised having never played Cryx before is that there very fast.  Next thing I knew Deny was in range to cast Influence on my Shocktroopers, this was don’t multiple times and they killed 4 of themselves leaving a lane open for a Caster kill on Hark.

Game Two essentially went the same freaking way only slightly faster and involved the popping of Deneghra’s feat and then the war dog biting Hark on the rump.  Then the Slayer charge my poor warcaster and managed to take him down to only 1 wound after the initial one hand attack, the slayer then tusked me to death.

So far I think I have played 6 games and won absolutely none….

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