Iron Caster, The story so far

So Iron caster has been running for two weeks at present and well the results are interesting.

 Game One:

first match up was against pBaldur with a Woldwyrd, Woldwarden, Shifting stones and maybe a Woldwatcher but I honestly cant remember.  The game started off ok I moved forward at speed with the Shocktroopers and Black Ivan  and opened fire at the Circle forces, it was at this point that I realisd I had no idea how hordes works and that the Shifting stones were managing to repair max damage to the Woldwarden every turn.  The outcome of the game was that my shocktroopers were taking out one by one and Black Ivan was wrecked rather fast.  This left Hark on his own so he destroyed the Wold warden in one wound of combat since I knew he wasn’t going to survive the following round, this was the only kill I achieved as Hark went down the next turn.

Circle 1

Khador 0

Game 2:

So this time I was up against a fairly new Warmachine player who was running a Mercs rhulic list with Gorten and a couple of lights with a Driller and Thor.  I had played rhulic once before but not Gorten, I learned two things in this game first of all that Gortens feat let my opponent get a turn 3 single turn caster kill and that new players sometimes are so much better than I am.

Rhulic 1

Khador 0

Game 3:

The final game was against a mates Legion force, now going into this game I had some reservations as I have played his legion force on many different occasions and each time I have had my army handed to me on a plate after it had been destroyed.  This game was no different the fury management ability of legion is insane there was fury appearing everywhere.

 Legion: 1

Khador: 0

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