The Iron Caster will be mine…..oh yes…

So my choice of warcaster was fairly easy, I have been playing games with Kommander Harkevich, the iron wolf since the release of wrath, there’s something about this caster that I like.  I now have 5 extra warjack points to spend and when playing with Harke there is only really one jack of choice, Black Ivan with his increased Rat and Bear Claw I am big fan of Ivan.  Now I reach a problem I have 10 points remaining to spend on units so what do I take?

I love warjacks and have ran some over jack heavy lists in the past but I am beginning to notice that I tend to do badly on table.  Since the release of the two player battle box I have been playing around with Man-o-War Shock troopers, and I find that I like the way they play.  So a full 5 man unit goes into the pot and all I am left with is 1 point… Now in the past I have always had a problem with this as I have been unable to get my local store to successfully order me a wardog but I got one online the other day.

So there we have it Iron Caster will belong to the Iron Wolf….. unless I get beaten or other people show up…

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