The Games We Play

So as I said I have been playing war games for a long long time, im not saying how long as it will make me feel old.  But over the years I have collected forces for a lot of different games so I think an inventory is required.

 Warhammer 40:

Space Wolves – approx 9500 points

Iron Warriors – approx 2000 points

 Warhammer Fantasy:

Ogre Kingdoms – approx 3500 points


Khador – Approx 125 points

 Dystopian Wars:

Kingdom of Britannia – approx 1000 points

 Firestorm Armada:

Dindrenzi Federation – approx 1000 points

 Uncharted Seas:

Shroud Mages – approx 1000 points






Adeptus Arbites / Enforcers.

 Pictures of all of this will eventually follow.

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