D6 Generation interview

My local gaming group / pub mates, have recently gotten into Spartan Games tremendous table top minature game Dystopian Wars.  Having been prodded by Kingfig over at 6s2hit.com to get involved with the Scots table pod cast I thought how can I combine the two, the answer was simple I can talk about Dystopian Wars, now anyone that knows me is aware that I can talk about stuff.

Having been a long term fan of the D6 Generation pod cast I had been toying with the idea of using there X cam campaign system for the upcoming Dystopian Wars event here In Edinburgh.


A short email to Craig Gallant got me in touch with him and from there we chatted about the x cam for a short time and then I asked him how he felt being interviewed about it for the 6s2hit pod cast.  He agreed and then to my complete shock asked if it was ok if Russ Wakelin could join in as well since he had been involved in the pack.  Well at this point I may have got rather excited as I am a bit of a fan of these two pod casters.  So the interview was set, all I had to do was stay awake, coherent and sober until 2.30am so that I could chat to them, 4 cups of coffee it turns out is the perfect amount for me to stay awake that long then be able to sleep afterwards.

The Pod cast is available via itunes of the 6s2hit.com pod cast site.


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